How I Work

My role is to support your growth through self-awareness and paying attention to what is happening in the moment. What comes up in the here and now is what we explore; this is the starting point of the journey we embark on. It is a gentle process: it takes time to connect with all the aspects of ourselves. I am respectful of your pace and your need for emotional safety.

I am curious about what’s going on inside of you, what thoughts and emotions arise, what your bodily experience is in the moment, how much of yourself you bring forward and how much you hide or rein in. I am interested in how you find nurture and care in your environment or how you adjust to the lack of it. Who you choose to share time with, how you allow closeness or keep others at a safe distance, how you bring your differences into relationships and what your dance with an intimate other looks like, these are precious pieces of information we may discover in the process of psychotherapy.

As a Gestalt therapist, I pay attention to body process. Our body is the vessel of our lived experience on earth. In our modern world, we too often want to be in control, so we let the mind override what our senses are saying. We can become disconnected from our body’s wisdom. By experimenting with breathing, posture, movement, sound, or any other senses-based situation, we may reconnect with our body and find better ways of supporting ourselves. This process helps restore the flow of energy in our body and recover our life force. It brings clarity, vitality and creativity back into our life.